Worker Safety with Voice-Driven Apps

The CDC reports that if you’re driving 55mph and take your eyes off the road for five seconds, for any reason, you will travel the distance of an entire football field. That’s 360 feet!

If you have workers that need to drive, your number one priority needs to be for them to keep their eyes on the road. So how do you do this when they need to get information and instructions from a computer (their phone)?

Hey Siri, where is my next delivery?

Siri and Google Assistant are opening ways for workers to get information while keeping their eyes on the road. But that is only the start. Siri might let them do one thing or check one message or set a timer, but how can they get real work done while driving?

It is like having a conversation with your phone

Speebly is piloting with key companies the ability to have field workers, whether they be behind the wheel or on a crane, to talk to their phones to get the information they need.

The service will allow users to have a full conversation, find out their next delivery, when it needs to be delivered, and everything else they need to know – all without ever looking at their phone – and always keeping their eyes on the road.

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