Let users talk with your displays. More interaction is better engagement.

Natural language is one of the easiest ways for people to interact with your displays. Marketing or museum, voice is interactive and accessible. 

The interaction is decided by you

The interaction, whether by voice or touch screen, is entirely decided by you. We can either help you build this out or you can do it on your own via Google’s Dialogflow (a non-technical conversational content system).

More secure than a smart speaker

iPad voice kiosks are button activated so that means it won’t accidentally wake up and start listening to people. Further, because we manage the backend services, you can opt-out of data sharing your conversations, something you can’t do with a smart speaker app.

iPad stands

So many Kiosk stands to choose from. Select you favourite iPad or iPad Mini stand from Amazon.com or other vendor.

SDKs for iOS, Android, Node.js

For developers, we have SDKs available for the following languages:

  • Swift
  • Java
  • Node.js