Let users talk with your displays. More interaction is better engagement.

Natural language is one of the easiest ways for people to interact with your displays. Marketing or museum, voice is interactive and accessible. Speebly Kiosk is a platform to create voice-driven kiosks and displays.

The interaction is decided by you.

The interaction, whether by voice or touch screen, is entirely decided by you. We can either help you build this out or you can do it on your own via Google’s Dialogflow (a non-technical conversational content system).

A voice platform that can run in different environments and hardware configurations.

Speebly lets you choose the hardware set-up you like, whether more audio centric or touch screen centric, whether on a single computer board or a Windows machine or tablet.

Raspberry Pi Version


Speebly is proud to offer a Raspberry Pi version of the platform. With a Pi, you have an unlimited selection of peripherals to pair with.  

Android Kiosk Version

Speebly’s Voice Kiosk can be run on an Android tablet in Kiosk Mode for your end users. The tablet can be paired with Bluetooth speakers and external microphones.

Web Version

Speebly Kiosk can also be put on your website to get a similar voice guided experience.

SDKs for iOS, Android, Windows, and More.

For developers, we have SDKs available for the following languages:

  • C#
  • Java
  • Swift
  • Js
  • Node.js