Speebly’s voice to web client can do anything your smart speaker assistant can do, and more. Here is a sample list.

Answer user questions

Your Speebly Voice Agent can answer the questions you specify with the answers determined by you. It is just like building a Skill in Amazon or an Action for Google. By default, we support Google’s Dialog Flow for you to build the Agent. 

Connect to back end systems

If your Alexa Skill of Google Home action provides specific information for a logged in user, Speebly can do that too. This could be account information or a record from a CRM.

Redirect users to pages on your website or enterprise app

When someone asks a question that is answered on a page that already exists on your website, you can redirect them to that page so they can read for themselves.

Available in over 20 languages

Speebly can be configured to work with over 20 languages including sub-dialects. For example, we support Spanish from Spain, the United States and Latin America.

Connect to a live agent

Speebly can be configured to connect to a regular telephone number or call centre right from the web browser.

If you don’t have a voice assistant yet, learn about Speebly’s voice services and we can build one for you.

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