Step 2: Upload and Configure Your Assistant in Google’s Dialog Flow

Learn how to configure your Speebly agent in Google’s Dialog Flow. Watch this video to get started:

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Upload our Starter Agent Template to Dialog Flow

The .zip file below is a sample agent that you can upload to Dialog Flow as an easy way to get started. It includes all the basic features.

How to create/ configure URL Redirects

If you would like your Dialog Flow intents to redirect a user to another page on your website follow the instructions below. NOTE: 10 examples of this are included in the Starter Agent that you can download above.

  • use the Google Assistant tab in the Intent response
  • choose Simple Responses where your text can be entered
  • add another response “Custom Payload” with the script below change to your URL
  "openUrlAction": {
    "url": ""
  "text": "Go",
  "platform": "google",
  "type": "redirect"

For URL re-directs to work, you must “Set this intent as end of conversation”. See image below.

Suggestion Chips

Speebly also supports Google Actions responses like Suggestion Chips.