Set-Up Step 2: Upload and Configure Your Assistant in Google’s Dialog Flow

Learn how to configure your Speebly agent in Google’s Dialog Flow. 

Upload our Starter Agent Template to Dialog Flow

The .zip file below is a sample agent that you can upload to Dialog Flow as an easy way to get started. It includes all the basic features.

How to create/ configure URL Redirects

If you would like your Dialog Flow intents to redirect a user to another page on your website paste the below into your custom payload. NOTE: 10 examples of this are included in the Starter Agent that you can download above.

  "openUrlAction": {
    "url": ""
  "text": "Go",
  "platform": "google",
  "type": "redirect"

For URL re-directs to work, you must “Set this intent as end of conversation”.

Suggestion Chips

Speebly also supports Google Actions responses like Suggestion Chips.