Archive and Analyze Call Centre Phone Interactions

Archive and analyze call centre phone interactions to understand topics and sentiment

Speebly uses the latest in machine learning technology to understand the interactions your call centre agents are having with your customers. We can take your call recordings, turn them into text, and analyze their contents for themes and sentiment. Know more than ever what your customers are thinking.

Set monthly KPIs

Machine learning applied to call centre recordings are a perfect way to set KPIs for the team to work on. Every month we can apply machine learning to see whether your team is improving as well as identify emerging customer issues.

Machine learning explainer

There is no way you could have a person go through all your call records to rate and classify them. And so this is a job that is perfect for machines. We will train a machine learning application to look for certain key words and expressions to help draw out themes. We will also train the machine to look for words that denote frustration and dissatisfaction.