Voice Apps for Driver Safety

If you have workers that need to drive, your number one priority needs to be for them to keep their eyes on the road. So how do you do this when they need to get information and instructions from a computer (their phone)?

Hey Siri, where is my next delivery?

Siri and Google Assistant are opening ways for workers to get information while keeping their eyes on the road. But that is only the start. Siri might let them do one thing or check one message or set a timer, but how can they get real work done while driving?

Museum Accessibility with Voice-First Mobile Apps

“Being legally blind, I know that Speebly has the potential to improve the museum experience for all those with vision loss and print disabilities”

Chris Maley, CTO, Speebly

A museum is something that most people take for granted, but for those with vision loss or print disabilities, a big part of the museum experience is missing. Most exhibits rely heavily on printed text, wall mounted or otherwise, to provide context for an artifact, installation or art piece. To someone with a print disability or vision impairment, all of this context may be lost.

With  Speebly, as visitors travel through a museum, with the app installed, they are able to ask their smartphone for support. For example, a visitor could ask “Hey Siri, ask the Museum of History about the Holocaust memorial”. The app would hear their request and respond. By leveraging “Hey Siri” or “Hey Google”, museum visitors can have an accessible, entirely hands-free audio-focused experience. 

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phone and watch

Voice-First Enterprise Apps on Apple Watch

If you are looking to support your teams with voice-first apps using Apple Watch, Speebly has you covered. 

Speebly for Watch OS

Speebly for Watch OS allows enterprise users to have hands free access to enterprise data. A user can simply ask Siri a question and the interaction will be fulfilled by the Speebly app interacting with your enterprise’s APIs. Speebly supports continuous conversation mode so users can have a full back and forth conversation with the automated voice agent.

What kind of use cases does it support?

In short, anything you decide. The conversations of your enterprise voice agent are powered by Google’s Dialogflow conversational content management system. Make any changes you want and they are immediately available to the end user. In addition, you will get access to a rich set of metrics.

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Asana Launches “Asana Voice” Feature for Mobile

According to Venture Beat Asana is launching a new feature called Asana Voice.

Asana Voice will allow users to record audio via a voice memo and automatically transcribe it into an Asana task. So when they click to create a new task, users can simply hit the little microphone button that pops up to start recording.

Venture Beat

Speebly can help you do this for your app or enterprise. Learn more at Speebly.com

Business Smart Speakers Without Google or Amazon

So your customers come to your display/ store/ office building and you want to have a smart speaker for them to interact with BUT you don’t want to dilute your brand or privacy with “Hey Alexa” or “Hey Google”.

Speebly is launching a line of custom smart speakers for businesses to use at their locations with full control over branding, user interaction and privacy.

White, blue, round, screw on a wall, hide in a display, hide in a wall, with your logo on it, start with a button or motion sensor, these are all options for your business’ branded smart speaker.

Talk to us about how you would use a smart speaker for work.

WordPress Voice Assistant In Under One Minute

Dazzle your website visitors with a fancy voice assistant that can help them answer questions and find the page they are looking for.

With Speebly, you can now embed a voice agent directly on your WordPress website.

Speebly’s voice agent supports WordPress. In just a few minutes, you can have a voice assistant up and running.

Watch the video to see how:

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