1-in-4 Google Searches Are Voice, Is Your Website Voice Search Ready?

Recent stats have been coming out of the protective Google showing that a large number of searches are coming in via voice, whether these be desktop, mobile, Google Assistant or otherwise (we don’t know the breakdown).

So if users are getting more and more used to searching with their voice, when they come to your website, can those same users use their voice to search your website? 

Voice Search Stats

Some interesting potential we have seen here include introducing advanced search terms into a first search. What do we mean here? Well, when someone is using voice to search, it is easy to add a few extra questions to help them get the best results. Here is an example below:

  • User: I am looking for a house in Hintonburg
  • Voice Assistant: Do you have a price maximum?
  • User: Yes, $500,000
  • Voice Assistant: The following are the houses in Hintonburg up to a maximum of $500,000

Tell us your feedback as to whether you are seeing this trend too.

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