Over 100 million people are using voice on their smartphones. Shouldn’t you be a part of that?

52% of US adults use voice to access their smartphones, whether it is Siri or Google. Siri is the largest market. Shouldn’t voice be a part of your smartphone app engagement plan?

Leverage Siri and Ok Google to Drive App Engagement

The Speebly Voice SDK allows users to have a seamless experience from Siri and Ok Google to your smartphone app on their phone. They can start a conversation with Siri and continue it with a voice agent driven by your smartphone app.

phone and watch

Let Your Users Go Hands Free

Speebly allows your users to go hands free whether you are looking for something to increase worker safety or provide a more accessible service. Speebly can make it so that users can interact with your content using only their voice – no text, no reading.


Speebly’s SDK can help you make your app even more accessible through voice-first interactions. Users will no longer have to look and click but instead can talk and listen.